Care for grandparent carers,

care for kids.

Our Campaign

Help us get the word out about how grandparent carers play an integral role not only in the lives of their grandchildren, but within child protection systems and our community.

Let the decision makers know that grandparent carers keep their grandchildren out of the foster care system, bringing significant social and financial savings to government and the community – now and into the future.

We know that grandparents derive satisfaction and joy from caring for their grandchildren, but they do so at great expense to many areas of their own wellbeing.

This personal cost is made worse by having to navigate complex service and policy systems: the very systems that make them feel invisible and within which their needs are unrecognised and unaddressed.

Care for grandparent carers, care for kids!

For grandchildren to flourish, grandparent carers need more assistance and recognition to support and sustain them in their caring role.

A call to action to government, service providers and the community represents an invitation – an invitation to step up, as grandparent carers do, to create a fairer future for grandchildren.

Add your voice to our campaign and send an email to your local MP now.

live below poverty line

The majority of grandparent carers live below the poverty line, and many of these families live on less than $19,000 per year.

are grandmothers

The vast majority of grandparent-headed families have a grandmother as the primary or sole carer.

of kids have mental health issues

More than 30% of grandchildren have a high-needs mental health issue.